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Singing lessons
In person & Online

About my teaching

As a singing teacher, I am deeply committed to helping people find their unique voice and explore their individual way of communicating. 

Every vocal journey is a personal one and each step along the path can be seen as a step towards awareness: When you sing, you connect and when you connect you are truly alive!

During lessons, among other things, we will place a strong emphasis on singing with the whole mind and body, understanding the breath and how to connect to it and it and awakening the imagination and focus, so that the voice can truly 'sing itself'.

During my career as a singer I have enjoyed, studied and performed Lieder, Mélodie, Chanson, English and Italian song, opera and Oratorio. I have also studied, and loved performing, jazz.

Past teachers and coaches include Christian Gerhaher, Sarah Walker, Malcolm Martineau, Julius Drake, Iain Ledingham, Christopher Glynn, Chris Ingham, Judith Howarth, Jennifer Dakin, Ann de Renais, Pat MacMahon, and, currently, Mary Plazas.

I look forward to meeting you, and walking with you, on the road of vocal technique, music and art!

Student thoughts:

'My lessons with Lisa were always insightful, creative and engaging, packed full of support of artistry and technique, which helped me to prepare for my further music education in a rounded and complete fashion. 

Encouraging and enthusiastic, Lisa most importantly recognised and catered to my individual vocal needs.'
Ella Bundy, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland


Online taster lesson      £25/€30/$33
Hour long lesson         £40/€48/$53

Concessions are available

A note on Online Lessons:


Whilst the Covid worldwide pandemic hit us all in a big way there is no doubt that one advantage came from it - in the form of making it fairly necessary to get used to online meetings, socials and education.

My students and I (all of whom, very gamely, moved online for the duration) found that Zoom lessons had loads to offer and we could still address the important issues of posture, breath, repertoire and vocal technique (and have plenty of fun!)  

Since the pandemic restrictions have essentially lifted in the UK, it has been interesting to see that I am still receiving requests from new students to begin lessons on Zoom. 

So, alongside full length in-person lessons, I am very happy to be able to continue with Zoom.


​Alongside standard lessons you are welcome to have an online Zoom 'taster lesson', to give you an idea of how it all works, how I work, and how we would work together.


This half hour lesson will give you an overview of good singing habits and start you on the journey towards better understanding of yourself as a communicator and the owner, and user, of your own, totally unique, instrument.

We will look at posture, breath and the healthy and free-flowing use of the voice. It's so important to remember that singing lessons are not just about learning to use your voice, but also enjoying it! 

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Fees and Zoom
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